Kailer Home is an international team spanning Asia, Europe, and North America. We take advantage of advanced manufacturing capabilities in China and deliver design-forward home appliances to a global audience.

Keller Electronics Co Ltd. was founded in Zhejiang Province in China during early 1992. In 2022, the company underwent ownership changes and re-branded as Kailer Home. Since re-branding, the company has developed and expanded its home appliances offering and customer base to include Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America.  


Superior quality is at the core of Kailer Home’s philosophy. We would take extra miles to deliver a strong product. Shifting the burden to its customers is never part of Kailer Home’s DNA.


Home appliances can be simple and yet complicated. Leveraging the efficient supply chains across China, we make happen rapid product iterations and always stay relevant to our customers’ ask.


We are in the manufacturing industry and understand its impact on the planet. We constantly invest in material development, automate production process at maximum, and recycle used products to reduce wastes.


Good life, simple joy. This is Kailer Home’s motto from product purposing to package design. Because home appliances ought to be enjoyable and thus we strive to craft as beautiful products as they can be.