IntelliHeat Heater

$85.49 USD $89.99 USD

  • 17 inches tall. Compact, portable, and easy to carry
  • 60-130°F digital thermostat with ±1°C increments
  • 24h OFF timer
  • 4 modes (Fan, Medium Heat, Power Heat, ECO-Mode)
  • Overheat and tip-over protection
  • Advanced 1500W delivery
  • 4.9ft (150cm) power cord
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What's in the box

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the heater filter the air?

The heater comes with a detachable filter at the back (where the air flows in). You can remove the filter, clean it, and and pop it back on.

How long is the cord?

The cord is 4.9ft or 150cm.

Is the cord detachable?


From how far away can I feel the heat?

That depends on the power level you've set it at. You can turn up/down the heat by 1 ° degree increments. At full power you should feel the heat comfortably from around 6ft

How quickly will it heat my room?

That depends on the size of the room. For a small sized bedroom with minimal drafts, it should heat the room from cold to cozy in 5-10 minutes.

How hot does this get before it switche off?

When it get to 130°F it will switch off automatically

How does eco-mode work?

Your room is 60°F, you set the temperature of the heater to 85°F. When the temp of the room gets to 85°F, the output of the heater slows down. When the temperature of the room drops below 80°F, the heater increases output and brings the room temp back up to 85°F and then goes back into Low Energy Mode

Customer Reviews (from Amazon)

Country: US
Really great heater, Less cumber-sum than my previous heater. Been using it a few days now and it lends a nice aesthetic to my living space. My home is fairly well insulated so this generally gets rooms up to cozy warmth levels within about 5 minutes when on full power. The 5 foot cable is pretty useful if i want to place the heater somewhere central, no need for power strips/cables across the room or having it stuck in a corner which was a problem with the previous space heater. I can feel the effect of the heat best when its 4-6 feet away. It also has a much better tip-over protection safety feature. Plus the free warranty extension included in the box definitely makes this heater worth the little bit of extra money.

Sharon Ann
Country: US
If you need a small, stable, quiet electric heater, this one is a good choice. I like its optional oscillating feature. In my garage, the outlets are not close to the floor, so I have to use a rated extension cord because the heater's cord isn't long enough. I don't fault the manufacturer for this because the shorter cord is a good idea for household use. The only problem is that my cat doesn't like the heater. But she doesn't like anything.

Pei Yan
Country: US
Got today just as new wave of snow and cold hit us. Looks really sleek and nice, fits home decor.

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